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This article provides an all-inclusive guide to AVI to MP4 video conversion. It details the reasons why more and more consumers are choosing to convert their archived AVI files to MP4 video, explains how to carry out the conversion process, and explains many of the advantages associated with carrying out conversion. In the examples that are explained below, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is used to convert AVI to MP4.


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For the longest time, it seemed that one could hardly throw a stone without hitting an AVI file. In fact, during the late 1990s, DIVX video on discs – which depended upon AVI technology – even made a fighting attempt to overthrow the DVD format. Though the greed of retailers drove the format into the ground, the format was ages beyond its time – achieving DVD-quality video in less than one quarter of the physical disc space. DIVX discs were cheaper, technically superior, and seemed to represent the pinnacle of digital video technology.

Today, the MP4 has supplanted the AVI as the primary video format of choice for most consumers. Because it is far more efficient at delivering video content over Internet and mobile connections, variations of the format are very popular for streaming media applications. In addition, because MP4 is suited to contain highly advanced video formats that support extra efficient hardware decoding technologies such as h.264, MP4 is now the most preferred choice for mobile video display. In fact, one of the most prominent groups responsible for the popularity of the AVI format – the global filesharing “scene” – decided to migrate to MP4 formatting for video releases during early 2012.

Why Convert AVI to MP4?

Relative to the size of an AVI file, MP4 files offer far superior video quality. As a result, any older AVI files can have their file sizes reduced whenever they are converted into MP4 files. In addition, AVI files are limited by the fact that mobile devices are generally ill-equipped to handle them in an efficient manner. However, MP4 files are quite easily processed thanks to a variety of embedded hardware components – microprocessors and chips – that enable computers, tablets, cellular phones, media players, and other devices to decode and play MP4 files without increasing the load on their central processing units. This improves battery life, and increases the durability and flexibility of the MP4 file format.

How Do I Convert AVI to MP4?

Strictly speaking, you don’t actually want to perform this task manually – it’s certainly best to rely on a video conversion utility that ties all the tools you will need together. These utilities, such as Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, allow you to perform tasks such as trimming and merging video files, which can help you string together home movies, or even connect bits and pieces of movies or TV shows that you might have sitting on your computer’s hard drive.

The Conversion Process

The video conversion process is a relatively simple task. Though there are exceptions to the instructions outlined below, almost all users can follow these guidelines in order to convert their AVI files into MP4 files that are compatible with streaming media devices, gaming consoles, and other handheld multimedia and portable entertainment devices.

Step 1: Importing Video Files

Locate the directory (folder) on your computer where you have stored your AVI video files. If you don’t know where this is, it’s a good idea to check the default “videos” folder that should be listed under your user profile (both Windows and OSX have this feature). In Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, there are two ways to carry out this task. First, you can open the application, then use the “Add video” button. This button – which looks like a filmstrip with a + on it, will open up a prompt which will allow you to browse to, then select the files that you wish to manipulate with the software. Alternatively, you can navigate to the files that you wish to convert using your computer’s file management interface, then drag and drop these files into the video converter window. Because Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate supports “batch” conversion, you can add many different video files to the conversion queue at once.

Step 2: Choose Your Desired Output Format

Depending on what kind of device you plan to use the MP4 file on, you might want to make sure that you tweak the conversion settings. For instance: converting a full-HD movie into an MP4 file to play on an iPod makes very little sense, since the screen size is so small. In effect, a huge amount of data storage space will be wasted unless the video is scaled in order to fit the device’s screen. In addition, videos that are not scaled to devices’ display resolutions can sometimes cause those devices to produce stuttering, shaky video, since their microprocessors become overtaxed.

To change the settings for conversion, click the “Advanced” button that is located next to each file within the conversion queue. This allows you to access two particularly useful features. First, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate provides a wide array of pre-set video conversion “profiles” for popular mobile devices, such as iPads, iPhones, iPods, Android cellular phones, and other media player and mobile computing devices. These presets automatically optimize audio and video settings to ensure efficient and effective playback at top-notch quality. In addition, using the “Advanced” conversions settings feature allows you to create custom conversion profile settings. By altering factors such as the video encoder, resolution, frame rate, bit rate, and more, you can assume complete control over the conversion process. In addition, the utility allows you to create new “custom” profiles, which you can save, then utilize with one simple click whenever you convert videos in the future.

Step 3: Decide Where To Store The Converted File

You should go to the menu located at the top of the application, choose “Tools”, then “Preferences”. This will allow you to choose the location where you want to store the files. Though the application is preloaded with a default setting to place the converted video into the same directory (or folder) that the source came from, many users find that creating a folder for converted video is a more efficient way to manage their digital video collection. Many users with mobile devices that sync with their computer find that it is most efficient to place converted files into a directory that iTunes or some other software syncs to their device. This effectively eliminates the intermediate step of manually moving converted video files into a media library or sync folder, thus saving you time and effort.

Step 4: Edit Videos (Optional)

Wondershare provides you with the option of performing edits on your videos. It provides options such as cropping, clipping, and adding water marks. You can also add a variety of special effects overlays and filters to add a bit of creative flair to a video or clip. These tools can be used to fulfill a variety of purposes. You can add watermarks to professional videos to reduce content theft, create a video from a small region of your full video input (useful for multi-view security footage), or create small clips from larger videos. If you plan to convert a movie for use on a mobile device, you can save on storage space by using the clipping tool to trim introduction and closing credits off of the file.

To edit any videos that you have imported into Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, just click the “edit video” button that is located on the toolbar.

Step 5: Begin The Conversion Process

The conversion process begins whenever you click the “Start” button, located at the bottom right of the video conversion queue. If you have several videos in a batch to be converted, the conversion process will continue until all videos have been converted to MP4 files. If for some reason you need to pause the conversion process, Wondershare Video Converter ultimate will allow you to pause the video conversion process. Of course, if you wish, you can also abort the conversion process at any time.

But how long does the process take? Most of the time, unless you’re converting a monstrously large video file – the conversion process doesn’t take very long whatsoever. Most of the time, the conversion process is shorter than the run-time of the video that you are converting, granted that you’re using a relatively recent computer, and you’re trying to convert a file that isn’t intended to be screened on a IMAX-sized display. That said, conversion times will depend largely upon how many tasks your computer is completing at the moment, how much those tasks tax your computer’s processor, and how fast your computer’s processor and graphics card are. For instance – attempting to convert several AVI files to MP4 while simultaneously watching a blu-ray movie on your laptop is probably going to cause much slower than optimal conversion times for the files that you with to convert. On the other hand, if you put the blu-ray movie on pause, you’ll probably find that your videos undergo the conversion process much faster.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Newly Converted Media!

After you convert your AVI files to MP4 files, you can now view them on almost any modern video player device or software. One of the best advantages of converting AVI files to MP4 files is a drastic reduction in the number of compatibility issues that you will encounter – so make the best of it!

But Why Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate?

Are there not other utilities you could use? Of course there are. However, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate offers a number of advantages over other video conversion utilities.

First and foremost – it’s usually faster. Unlike many video conversion utilities, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is able to convert video up to 6 times faster thanks to support of GPU technologies – such a NVIDIA’s acclaimed CUDA system. This allows Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate to produce the MP4 files that you desire in a fraction of the time that other video converter utilities can provide. It is also designed to take advantage of Intel’s Quick Sync Video Tech – which was included in every second generation Intel “Core”-brand CPU processor. Plus, the software is designed to adapt to your specific computer hardware. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate works equally well with NVIDIA based computer graphics systems, as well as those developed by AMD. In addition, if you have a powerful GPU unit produced by either NVIDIA or AMD, then Wondershare’s Video Converter Ultimate will prioritize the use of that device – freeing up your computer’s CPU – which allows for less waiting, and less lag when you are using your computer to convert videos while carrying out other tasks like listening to music, watching movies, or browsing the web.

This utility will also help you convert DVD disks into MP4 files. If you wish, you can burn DVD videos to another DVD disk, store them in a virtual, digitized DVD folder for future use, or you can even create ISO disk image files, which allow almost any computer to duplicate the DVD disk.Plus, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate can even take standard 2-dimensional, or 2D video, and convert it into lifelike 3D video. This is a remarkable feature that benefits those with 3D computer displays and televisions.

It’s also one of the best products available on the market today, in terms of compatibility. There are very few formats that Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate cannot convert, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the software development team at Wondershare. The Video Converter Ultimate toolkit is designed to convert almost every variant of AVI, TIVO, WMV, MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP, MPG, and other video file formats. Though these are certainly the most popular formats that users wish to convert and translate between, a great number of other video formats can also be converted. This includes everything from HD videos, to home made camcorder videos, to DRM (digital rights management) protected videos, YouTube videos, and many more popular video formats used by the entertainment industry.

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